Layover in Bari, Italy

Have you ever considered using an overnight layover to your advantage? Let me tell you about my recent stay in Bari, Italy, where I had 17 hours to explore the city and indulge in the local cuisine.

Bari is a charming town in eastern Italy, well-connected to cruise ships and various flight destinations. I chose to transfer here due to its easy transport links from the city center to the airport. Plus, with a budget of under $100 for a stopover, staying overnight in Bari was a more cost-effective choice than an expensive direct flight.

With a limited amount of time, I made a small but ambitious to-do list that included:

  • Visiting the Basilica of Saint Nicholas to light a candle,
  • Checking out the mummy of St. Columba at the Cathedral of St. Sabino,
  • Staying in a local traditional style apartment,
  • Trying the delicious local food,
  • Taking a ride on public transport,
  • And strolling through the old and new parts of the city.

As a bonus, I witnessed a prayer, met new friends, and even received an additional good review on Airbnb. However, there was one minor confusion - "latte" literally means milk in Italian, so I unknowingly enjoyed breakfast with milk instead of the latte I was expecting.

If you find yourself with an overnight layover, don't waste the opportunity to explore a new city or try new food. Make the most of your time and make unforgettable memories like I did in Bari.

Cost Calculator:

  • Accommodation - 50$
  • Taxi - 27 EUR
  • Train - 5 EUR
  • Admissions - 0 EUR
  • Traditional Food - 2 EUR

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