About project

The Blog Adventures of Cobra has become a project only recently. At a time when I have come to understand the importance and scale of what we are doing. My name is Oksana Lutsenko, also known in the desert as COBRA. My job is to travel!

My job is TRAVELING!

Visiting different parts of the planet, I get to hear and see a lot. Sometimes I record with the camera, sometimes I like to listen to the narrator and I turn on the voice recorder. Before each journey, I sit for hours in libraries, reading historical books that are unlikely to ever go beyond the walls of the building. All this information should not have died in the depths of my memory, so this blog and my YouTube channelappeared.

I’m glad you had time and you came to visit me. I hope every minute spent here will pay off handsomely. Enjoy yourselves!

My mission

In times of trade routes, the knowledge and experience that shifted merchants and travelers wherever they passed, gave growth to civilizations. That’s my mission – LIGHT UNISA. The question I’m looking for an answer to is not “What are they doing?” but “Why are they doing this?”

I’m not going to teach anything, I’m just going to tell you what I see, feel and learn. Then you’re on your own!

My achievements

If each of us writes on the sheet all his achievements in life, there is definitely something to be proud of. That’s my list.


North Tropic (UAE) – Single passage by car 335km of the Arabian Desert along the Northern Tropic line, from Saudi Arabia to the border of Oman. The only female solo in the history of the Emirates to date.

The Great Circle of Oman (3000km, including Empty Quarter, Solo);

TransCanada Highway (8000km, Atlantic to Pacific)

The best hikes in the world (4 out of 10):

Hike to Everest Base Camp (Nepal);

Klondike (USA/Canada)

Long Range Traverse (Canada),

Jordan Trail (Jordan).

Each item of this list is ambitious in itself and has already gnawed me a place on the hall of glory. Although these were only steps to the more daring and larger projects that I plan to commit. And here I need your help.

How to support the project

There are many options to support this project.

In this regard, I decided to appeal to those who care about my work. You can support the next project by donating or paying for the equipment I need.

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I am grateful for any contribution or amount of donation. Your support is a contribution to a noble cause. Thank you!